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Marketing That Works With Human Behavior
Not Against It.

Two 9-Figure Companies Say I've Got Your Toughest Growth Challenge Covered.

my story in 60 seconds

Hi, I'm Howard — a proud American and Texas native. It was fateful day in 2009 when I found my Digital Marketing mentor…

Since then, I've developed two direct response super powers:
Media Buying + Copywriting.

1st Career definer:
$100M / year at Dr. Axe / Ancient Nutrition scaling their Facebook Ads.

2nd Career definer:
$162.9M / year at Scale Media copywriting for their #1 product.

3rd Career definer:

Years as a Professional

Inc. 5000 Clients

Accounts Managed

Ads Created

What I Do Differently

Impactful Messaging

As a champion and voice for your company, leave it to me to implement the most important part of your top-line growth strategy — the messaging. I've helped several companies break into the Inc. 5000's top 50, and I'd be honored to do the same for yours.

Audience Deep Dive

Most company execs don't know their audience as well as they think. You need somebody with a closer ear to the ground. Using a proven research process, I'll figure out who your best customers are, what makes them tick and, more importantly, what makes them buy.

Ideas That Sell

Sure, blame the algorithm. But an even bigger problem? Most ads are easy to ignore! It's why attention-grabbing copy is so important. But attention is fleeting — your copy must converts eyeballs to sales. Bad messaging could be costing your company millions in wasted ad spend. Time for a change.

Use Data to Identify Root Problems

Your marketing has leaks. Your messaging is not working. Worst of all, there are people right now who WANT to buy from you — and you're not letting them. Let's analyze your data so we can find the holes and plug them.

Rapid A/B Testing

Anybody can set up a simple marketing test. It's WHAT you test that matters. Having a smart testing process and strategy is critical to scaling. The last thing you want to do is scale a losing idea. Before spending lots of money, you MUST find the big idea that works for your audience. That's exactly what I'll help you do.

Unleash The Traffic

Maximize scale by targeting EVERYONE in your audience. Favorable market conditions do not last forever—when it's time, it's time to scale. That's when high-level experience counts most. I know what it's like to spend over $15,000 in one day and over $4 million in one year… because I did it.

Don't settle for slow results. Start creating MASSIVE change NOW.

Featured Clients

"Howard is a highly skilled and experienced Facebook Ad Buyer and achieved a 375% increase in spend and a 445% increase in revenue for us in just 30 days. If you need someone who is performance driven, tells it to you straight, and is all about the bottom line, he would be one of my highest recommendations."

Justin, CEO, Health & Wellness

Dr. Axe / Ancient Nutrition

Being a part of the Dr. Axe & Ancient Nutrition team was a once in a lifetime experience. Here, we celebrate hitting our $100 Million goal.

Photo: 2017 Holiday Party, Franklin, TN

2 Comma Club Award

Receiving the “2 Comma Club” award for my work with Dr. Axe at one of the biggest marketing conferences of the year.

2019 Copy Accelerator Event

Getting high-level copywriting training from two of the top copywriters in direct-response, Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi. Continuous growth and training has been one of my keys to success.

Now it's your turn.


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